We created a 2017-2018 open enrollment guide to simplify the process for you.

This online questionnaire is a quick way to discover your eligibility for coverage.

Once you discover your eligibility, you can determine a rough estimate of how much you can expect to pay for health insurance.

Health insurance plans are standardized into five categories: gold, silver, bronze and catastrophic. Depending on what type of coverage you need, you might choose to pay more each month for a gold plan so you pay less for frequent care and prescriptions. If you are in good health, you might opt for a bronze plan and pay more when you do require medical care.

Gather these forms of identification:

  • Valid Nevada driver license or picture ID; student ID for dependent children
  • Permanent Resident/Alien Registration Card, if applicable
  • Social Security cards and all dates of birth for all tax household members
  • Proof of Nevada residence (i.e., phone or power bills)
  • Estimate of your household income for the current year
  • Copy of any current health insurance information. Employer information if job-based coverage

    Find assistance and enroll

Use your zip code to find in-person help in your area from a Navigator organization, certified enrollment assister or licensed broker. For immediate assistance, email us at CustomerServiceNVHL@exchange.nv.gov

This 2017-2018 open enrollment guide makes it easy to get prepared before the window opens on Nov. 1, 2017. Nevada Health Link is here to answer any questions you have about open enrollment and ensure your success in obtaining health insurance.

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