It’s February, which means the 2017 tax season is essentially underway. If you had health coverage through Nevada Health Link, also referred to as the health insurance Marketplace or on the Nevada Exchange or another source, you are required to include coverage information when you file federal taxes. If you did not have health insurance coverage, you may have to pay a fee.

If you enrolled in a plan through Nevada Health Link, via, you should use your 1095-A form to file your taxes. If you have not received a 1095-A form, please call 1-800-318-2596 or log onto your account at HealthCare.Gov.

How to Use Your 1095-A Form for 2017 Taxes

  • If anyone in your household had a Marketplace plan in 2017, you’ll get Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, by early February. You’ll need it to complete your 2017 federal income tax return. Don’t file until you have an accurate 1095-A.
  • It includes information about Marketplace plans anyone in your household had in 2017.
  • It comes from the Marketplace, not the IRS.  You can also find it if you have an online Marketplace account.
  • Keep your 1095-A, you need it to file your taxes.

What’s on Your 1095-A Form and How to Use It

  • Your 1095-A contains information about Marketplace plans any member of your household had in 2017, including premiums paid and premium tax credit used.
  • You’ll use information from your 1095-A to fill out Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit (PDF). This is how you’ll “reconcile,” which means how to find out if there’s any difference between the premium tax credit you used and the amount you qualify for.
  • Read your 1095-A form carefully.  Make sure it is correct.  When ready, fill out form 8962.

More Information on 1095-A Forms

  • Visit for detailed information and more resources. Tax Form Information, CLICK HERE
  • If you DID NOT have a Marketplace plan for 2017, you will still receive a 1095-A Form. Part III, column C should be blank or have the number “0.”  You can complete Form 8962 to find out if you qualify for a premium tax credit based on your final 2017 income.
  • If you have further questions, you can call the Marketplace at 1-800-318-2596.
  • Call Nevada Health Link: 1-855-768-5465 or email us at

Nevada Health Link recommends all Nevadans seek help from a licensed tax professional for filing. It’s important to file your 1095-A form to ensure that you receive your tax credit, if applicable. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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