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How Affordable is Health Insurance at Nevada Health Link? You Might be Surprised.

It’s no secret that the price of just about everything has been going up significantly over the past several months. A gallon of gas, a trip to the grocery store, a cup of coffee — all these regular expenses have been subject to a rapid rise in inflation.

But health insurance at Nevada Health Link is one of the few exceptions. Prices have dropped dramatically, making insurance more affordable than ever.

Why has health insurance become more affordable while the price of everything else is rising? The American Rescue Plan Act, passed by the U.S. Congress earlier this year, delivered deep discounts for a wide range of Nevadans. These savings are available to more Nevadans than ever before.

Nevada Health Link is the one place Nevadans can find these reduced health insurance premiums. The state-based health exchange automatically applies the premium tax credits offered to consumers under the legislation, reducing monthly health insurance premiums significantly.

How much are Nevadans saving? It depends on income and location, but many Nevadans have been registering outsized savings during the special enrollment period triggered by the American Rescue Plan Act. These same savings are now available to consumers during the open enrollment period that runs from Nov. 1, 2021 – Jan. 15, 2022.

To give you an idea of the savings awaiting Nevadans during open enrollment, here are the savings by county Nevadans saw once the American Rescue Plan Act passed.

  • Eureka County residents averaged $321.92 per month in savings per enrollee under the American Rescue Plan. That equals yearly savings of $3,863.04.
  • Lander County’s average savings were over $200 per month or more than $2,400 per year.
  • Multiple Nevada counties averaged over $100 per month in savings, or more than $1,200 per year.
  • The most populous counties in the state, Clark and Washoe County, averaged savings of over $65 and $55 per month per enrollee respectively.

Savings are personalized and income-based, so enrollees are encouraged to log on to Nevada Health Link and see for themselves how much they save. Your savings may differ from the county averages depending on your individual circumstances.

So how easy is it to see your savings and explore affordable health plans? It’s truly easier than ever. Nevada Health Link is a digital platform where consumers can explore and compare 126 different name-brand health and dental plans. Health plan tiers include catastrophic, bronze, silver and gold. The tiers are an easy way to choose the monthly health premium that fits each individual budget.

This open enrollment period at Nevada Health Link is truly bigger and better than ever. Take advantage of bigger savings than ever, while choosing from more health plans than ever. And if at any point you get confused about the process, there are insurance enrollment specialists standing by to help for free.