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A History of Nevada’s Healthcare Heroines 

There are so many ways to honor Women’s History Month and this year at Nevada Health Link, we’re recognizing five women, among many, that have made an impact in healthcare throughout the state.  …

Mar 16, 2022

5 Nevadans that shaped Black History Month 

To honor Black History Month, we are showcasing prominent African American Nevadans and local Black-owned businesses throughout the month of February.  Aaron Ford: Nevada Attorney General  Elected in 2019, Aaron Ford is the …

Feb 24, 2022

The Baby Boom, the Wedding Boom … and now the Insurance Boom?

The arrival of a newborn or the celebration of a marriage are among the most important life milestones. And if it seems like more weddings and baby showers have suddenly popped onto the …

Feb 18, 2022

I’ve enrolled in a health plan– what’s next? (Establishing my primary care physician)

Jan 14, 2022

How to Enroll at Nevada Health Link

How to Enroll at Nevada Health Link With Nevada Health Link’s Jan. 15 open enrollment deadline quickly approaching, Nevadans have multiple ways to enroll in a qualified health plan and there is a …

Dec 21, 2021

Get to Know Our Carriers

Get to Know Our Carriers Nevada Health Link is proud to offer more insurance carriers, and more options for qualified health plans, than ever before. Many of these insurance carriers are names you …

Dec 13, 2021

How Affordable is Health Insurance at Nevada Health Link? You Might be Surprised.

How Affordable is Health Insurance at Nevada Health Link? You Might be Surprised. It’s no secret that the price of just about everything has been going up significantly over the past several months. …

Nov 11, 2021

What is Open Enrollment [and Why it Matters to You]?

Open enrollment. You may have heard the phrase but not know exactly what it means. Open enrollment is the yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan. This year, open …

Oct 28, 2021

Lo que va incluido en su cobertura: 10 Cosas que los que están inscritos en Nevada Health Link deben saber sobre su cobertura

Aunque Nevada Health Link ofrece una amplia variedad de planes de seguro de salud para elegir, hay un número de beneficios requeridos que vienen con cada plan ofrecido en el Intercambio. Estos son …

Sep 01, 2021

What Your Coverage Includes: 10 Things Nevada Health Link Enrollees Should Know About Their Coverage

  While Nevada Health Link offers a wide variety of health insurance plans to choose from, there are a number of required benefits that come with each plan offered on the Exchange. These …