Frequently Asked Questions

State Based Exchange Transition

Do you anticipate stand alone dental plans in 2020?

Yes, stand alone dental plans will be offered in 2020.

Will there a direct line for agents/brokers and enrollment professionals?

Yes, we will have a broker-specific phone line that goes to Tier 2 agents.

Will the application be in a quick and easy format?

The GetInsured single streamlined application process (SSAP) is consumer facing and therefore has questions distributed over a larger number of pages, which include the explanatory text, etc. Questions are not asked multiple times.

Will Agents/Brokers and EEFs be able to assist consumers by phone similar to how they can through web-brokers?

This question could have multiple answers depending on the intent, but in best trying to answer this we wanted to point out that consumers can access their accounts and applications via the web portal, and agents can access the accounts and applications of their clients via the web portal. What is not available (and currently not supported by any state based exchange (SBM) is the ability for web brokers to build their own front-end experiences using web service APIs made available by the Exchange.

Will there be a Help-On-Demand feature through the GetInsured system?

We do not have plans to build a copy of the Federal Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Help On Demand functionality. However, we will have the Broker Distribution tool that will immediately connect callers looking for assistance to an available enrollment professional in their area. This should provide participating brokers with a good source of leads. We’ll also have the web-based broker directory that will be available directly from within the consumer’s shopping and application experience.

Will Agents/Brokers be able to enroll consumers in a plan with a carrier for which they are not appointed?

Yes, Agents/Brokers will be able to enroll consumers in a plan with any carrier selling qualified health plans (QHPs) and stand alone dental plans (SADPs on the GetInsured system.

Will National Producers Numbers (NPN) be transferred into the new GetInsured system?

Yes, part of the data migration from, in addition to consumer application and enrollment data, will be NPN numbers. NPN data will be synced with consumer data so that Agents/Brokers will be able to see their entire book of business. But it is important to note that the matching will only be as successful as the accuracy of the NPN data that is in