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Now that you enrolled and have coverage with a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through Nevada Health Link, make sure you are getting the most out of your health insurance by actually using it. While you use your health insurance for routine checkups and significant health issues, there are a few surprising ways that you can use your Nevada health insurance to enrich your life. Here are the top unexpected ways to use your health insurance:

Mental Health Coverage

As a part of the 10 Essential Health Benefits, all QHPs through Nevada Health Link offer mental health coverage. Nevada Health Link offers 15 QHPs from two insurance carriers: Health Plan of Nevada and SilverSummit HealthPlan. Both carriers offer guaranteed coverage on various treatments related to mental health. Whether you’re considering outpatient mental health therapy sessions, psychological testing or crisis services, all mental health services must be as comprehensive as your coverage for medical and surgical services – and a plan through Nevada Health Link ensures that you and your family have coverage.

Infertility Treatments

If you or someone you know is struggling to get pregnant, infertility treatments are a viable option to help increase your chances of having a baby. Health Plan of Nevada, the other insurance carrier through Nevada Health Link, features a range of infertility services depending on plans — even their catastrophic plan features limited infertility treatment coverage. If you are or become pregnant, schedule your prenatal visits right away. Always talk with your doctor about any questions or concerns.


Whether you are recovering from a car crash or have alignment issues, chiropractic care can often improve the health of those who are hurting. Both SilverSummit HealthPlan and Health Plan of Nevada include chiropractic care in their Qualified Health Plans. Find a chiropractor in your area by searching your carrier’s in-network options.

Weight Loss Programs and Nutritional Counseling

Whether you are trying to lose weight or looking to improve your diet, some QHPs may provide coverage for weight loss programs and nutritional counseling. SilverSummit HealthPlan, for example, provides vouchers for WeightWatchers and 10 weeks of meeting room classes. The voucher also includes access to 14 weeks of online tools for eligible health plan members. Health Plan of Nevada also provides significant resources for disease management, including diabetes.

While having a Qualified Health Plan through Nevada Health Link gives you peace of mind for medical emergencies, you can also use your medical health insurance to enrich your everyday life. Make sure to take advantage of these unexpected ways to use your health insurance to make sure you’re getting the most out of your plan benefits.

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