Five Ways to Save Money While Grocery Shopping

Nov 15, 2016
Eating healthy isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be a difficult and sometimes costly endeavor to make sure your body gets everything it needs. That’s why we’ve compiled some money-saving tips that will keep both your stomach and your wallet happy to save money while grocery shopping.

save money while grocery shopping

1. Use coupons

Coupons aren’t just for extreme reality TV shows, they’re actually a great way to save money. Sure, coupons can take some time to find and print, but they are well worth the investment. While you can start your search for coupons online, you can find additional discounts through various flyers and newspapers all throughout the week. Just remember, for maximum savings, shop for the deal and not for the meal. In other words, be flexible with your meal planning (more on this later).

2. Buy in bulk

While this won’t work for every category of products, buying in bulk can help you spend a little more money today to save a lot of money down the road. Retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club are well-known for offering good deals on bulk purchases, but buying in bulk can be as simple as waiting for a good deal or discount on a frequently purchased item, and then stocking up.

When buying in bulk, however, make sure to pay attention to the expiration date. Foods like bread or fruit, for example, may go bad if you don’t eat them quickly enough (though freezing these items is always a possibility).

3. Try gardening

Vegetables are staples of almost any healthy diet, but getting fresh, organic ones can often be a little expensive. A cheaper solution, is to simply grow your own. Depending on your situation, you might not be able to grow every kind of vegetable, but even choosing one or two favorites to grow could save you some money in the long run.

4. Meal planning

Taking a bit of time each week to plan out your meals can save you from buying unnecessary extras while shopping. That being said, you should be flexible with your meal plans and look for good deals as opposed to rigid recipes. The key here is to make a general list of items that cover a week’s worth of groceries, and then stick to that list. Doing so can help you eat healthier and spend less. Not to mention, actually writing down a list will prevent you from forgetting something, which will save you return trips in the future.

5. Don’t shop while hungry

Finally, never shop while hungry, as your stomach doesn’t much care about your budget. When you’re hungry, everything looks tasty and you’ll have less willpower to say no and stick to the list. If you’re serious about saving money on groceries, you’ll want to give yourself every advantage possible. So make sure you’ve eaten at least a snack before you head out to the supermarket.

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