Fraud Prevention is the ONLY resource in Nevada where you can receive financial assistance to help pay for your monthly premium.

At Nevada Health Link our goal is to protect Nevadans searching for insurance from unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent business practices. is the ONLY resource in Nevada where you can receive financial assistance to help pay for your monthly premium. Nevada Health Link is ran by the state agency, the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange.

Free enrollment assistance is provided by our Navigators, Certified Enrollment Counselors and certified Insurance Brokers and Agents. All enrollment assisters certified by Nevada Health Link can be found here: or by calling 800-547-2927.

Common Fraud Schemes

Fraud is defined as providing false or misleading information to obtain a financial gain or other benefit.

  • Upselling: Consumers are forced to purchase other products when they enroll in health insurance.
  • Steerage: Consumers are enrolled into plans or metal plan tiers without explanation of all available options. Certified Enrollers and Certified Insurance Agents are required to provide information about all available health plans.
  • Misleading websites appearing as a state agency or Nevada Health Link: Consumers think they are shopping on Nevada Health Link’s official site and are shopping on an imposter site. is the official and only website selling Qualified Health Plans in Nevada. 

Online enrollment is only allowed on Monthly premium payments are made directly to the health insurance company through their website.

Broker/agents can help process the initial binder payment only. They cannot submit monthly payments.
Online offer to help you enroll: A pretend official website asks you to enter your confidential information or make a payment.
Enrollment assistance with Nevada Health Link is always free.

Tip: Never pay for help in filling out the Nevada Health Link health insurance application. Enrollment assistance is available but is never required. You can enroll directly on your own by clicking the “Enroll Now” button at the top of this page.
An enrollment assister asks you to pay a fee to help you enroll in health insurance through Nevada Health Link.
You should never be denied enrollment assistance if you do not purchase supplement products that are offered.Upselling: When you are pressured to purchase supplemental products as a requirement to purchasing health insurance through Nevada Health Link.
Nevada Health Link does not use aggressive sales tactics.
Tip: There are no criminal penalties for failure to carry health insurance.
Aggressive sales tactics: A salesperson uses aggressive sales tactics such as saying the government will send you to jail if you do not buy insurance or offers a one-time-only special discount.

Tips to Avoid Fraud Schemes

  • Verify that the enrollment assister is certified by Nevada Health Link by calling 800-547-2927 or by using the online look-up tool.
  • Take all precautions. If you use enrollment assistance from anyone, always keep a record. Write down their name, phone number, website, and address.
  • Never pay premiums with cash.
  • There is NO CHARGE for enrollment assistance.

How to Report Fraud

Reach out to Nevada Health Link by calling 800-547-2927 or email

For Agent or broker fraud, alert the Nevada Division of Insurance:


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