Carrier Resources

Resources for Nevada Health Link carriers.

Communication with the Exchange

Insurance carriers are encouraged to email the Exchange with any questions or concerns. For information on SSHIX’s Monthly Insurance Carrier Meeting Series, including presentation materials and video recordings, visit

View rate filings on the Nevada Division of Insurance Site


Send an email to the Plan Management team at:

Calendar Year 2023 Carrier Fees

Adoption Hearing February 24, 2022 for Calendar Year 2023

Plan Year 2022 Information

The links below contain Plan Year 2022 Exchange Carrier Guidelines for both QDP and QHP carriers.

The links below contain Plan Year 2022 Forms:

Calendar Year 2022 Carrier Fees

Plan Year 2021 Information

Silver State Health Insurance Exchange Guidelines

The links below contain Plan Year 2021 Exchange Carrier Guidelines for both QDP and QHP carriers.

Plan Certification and Network Adequacy

Calendar Year 2021 Carrier Fees

Adoption Hearing January 22, 2020 for Calendar Year 2021

Policy Memos for Carriers

Plan Year 2021 Policy Manual Final

On August 5, 2020 the Exchange published a draft revised Nevada Health Link Policy Manual to solicit comments and feedback for a 30 day period.  Below is the Final Nevada health Link Policy Manual Version 2.

How to Contact Your Insurance Carrier

Medical Carriers, contact information:

Dental Carriers, contact information:

Vision Plans

VSP Individual Vision Plans
Call: 1-844-641-6718

SSHIX Documentation for Insurance Carriers

Document TitleCurrent VersionRevision Date
GetInsured 834 Companion Guide (PDF)21.09.01.NV19/29/2021
GetInsured 834 Companion Guide – Redline (PDF)21.09.01.NV19/29/2021
Exchange-Issuer Reconciliation Guide (PDF)21.09.00.NV19/29/2021
Exchange-Issuer Reconciliation Guide – Redline (PDF)21.09.00.NV19/29/2021
SSHIX Plan Year 2021 EDI Carrier Testing Guide1.27/20/2020
GetInsured Secure FTP Access Request FormN/AN/A
Instructions for Secure FTP Access Request FormN/AN/A
SSHIX Acceptable Use Policy22.01May 5, 2022
SSHIX System Access Request Form (SBE Platform + Carrier Connector)N/AOctober 16, 2020
SSHIX Reinstatement Request Form1.1March 9, 2020
SSHIX Bulk Reinstatement Request Worksheet1.0March 10, 2020
2022 Monthly RCNI Submission Deadlines1.0December 29, 2021
2023 Monthly RCNI Submission Deadlines1.0November 16, 2022

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