Your Role: Spread the Word

Although some of our partners are able to enroll people and others aren’t, everyone can help by letting people know that a new and easier way to buy health insurance, within their budgets, is here. Talk with your clientele and people you serve about Nevada Health Link and let them know it makes health insurance available to all Nevadans.

As you’re talking to people about Nevada Health Link, refer them to this website if they need more information or ask you a question you can’t answer. You can also use this website to familiarize yourself with Nevada Health Link and how the new application and enrollment process works. Then, you can begin to shop and compare plans on the online marketplace itself through the new

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What are Enrollment Facilitators, Navigators, & Non-Profit Partners?

Navigator Organizations

Navigator organizations are responsible for outreach, education and enrollment for Nevada’s uninsured and under-insured populations. They present to these populations the options available to them through Nevada Health Link. They educate people on program eligibility, methods of purchase, reasons to purchase, definitions of health insurance terms, access to enrollment localities, among other topics. They also are able to answer enrollment questions and give unbiased explanations of the affordable health insurance plans offered on

Certified Application Counselors (CACs), sometimes referred to as Certified Enrollment Counselors

CECs work for volunteer organizations who help individuals enroll in Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) through Nevada Health Link. They provide information about affordable health insurance programs and coverage options, assist individuals and employees in applying for coverage, and help facilitate the enrollment of eligible individuals in QHPs and insurance affordability programs.

In Person Assisters (IPAs)

IPA organizations are public or private entities that have been trained by Nevada Health Link and certified by the Nevada Division of Insurance to provide outreach education and enrollment to Nevada’s communities regarding Nevada Health Link. They are responsible for outreach and education for Nevada’s uninsured and underinsured populations. They will educate people on a variety of topics, including program eligibility, how and why to purchase, and health insurance terms.  IPA’s have the same roles and responsibilities as Navigators except that they will not be actively enrolling consumers.  IPA’s focus on underserved populations, which include, but are not limited to Hispanic, rural, the self employed, Tribal, and young millennials.

Useful Documents

Collateral & Tools for Partners

There are many good tools and informational pieces in existence, from the federal government and consumer reports, for example, that can be used for educational purposes. We ask, however, that Nevada Health Link approve all materials about the online marketplace in Nevada prior to utilization. We also have created Nevada Health Link-specific tools for you to use and we will continue to post some of them here for download.

Nevada Health Link understands that many partners would like to use our logo on their outreach education, promotional and plan materials – use is welcomed and appreciated as it enhances our mission to educate Nevadans about Nevada Health Link and convey the quality of the products being offered. However, we require all partnering organizations that would like to use the logo adhere to the co-branding and acceptable use policy outlined in the Nevada Health Link Brand Standards.

Branding Guidelines

Download our Branding Guidelines

Logo Download

Copy the following code to add the Nevada Health Link logo to your website or materials. Please review the provided Brand Standards Guide to ensure you and your organization are utilizing the logo according to our standards and are sending your materials, which use the Nevada Health Link logo, to us for review and approval.

English Logo

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Spanish Logo

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If you require additional information on how to use the Nevada Health Link logo, please refer to our Nevada Health Link Brand Standards above.

If there is something you like that we have not directly provided you, please contact Janel Davis, Communications Officer at 775-687-9934 or


What if people don’t have Internet access or can’t enroll on their own?

If someone does not have Internet access or wants some help shopping for insurance, Nevada Health Link is available to help. People will be able to call the appropriate toll-free numbers below to ask questions, or visit an in-person assister in their community.

For Access Nevada (Medicaid/Nevada Check Up)

Navigator organizations staffed by certified enrollment assisters:

In-Person Assister organizations staffed by certified enrollment assisters:

State of Nevada

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