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3 Things to Do Once You’ve Enrolled at Nevada Health Link

Now that you’ve reviewed your plans, carefully weighed your options, and have made all necessary choices, there’s a reason to celebrate this completion: your health is now protected.  Before you start your happy …

Jan 25, 2023

4 reasons to enroll in health insurance when you’re young and healthy

When you’re young, it’s normal to think that you don’t need health insurance because you’re already healthy, or it’s not worth the trouble to invest in due to student loans, car payments, and …

Jan 13, 2023

These 7 carriers are providing the best health insurance to Nevadans

There have never been so many affordable health insurance options for Nevadans to choose from, all covering the 10 essential health benefits.  Nevada Health Link added 37 new health insurance plans, for a …

Jan 03, 2023

Benefits of Leaning on a Broker or Navigator to Find Health Insurance in Nevada

Working with a certified broker or navigator through NevadaHealthLink.com can be valuable to your health insurance search, as our team contains a statewide network of licensed enrollment professionals who have been trained to …

Dec 20, 2022

Need help with logging in or completing your application? We’ve got your back!

Whether you’re new to Nevada Health Link or have been with us a long time, it’s normal to feel scrambled during the Open Enrollment Period as there are many steps and parts, especially …

Dec 13, 2022

Use these 4 tactics to dodge health insurance scams

Most of us have fallen victim to a scam at one point or another. With the Open Enrollment Period happening now through January 15, 2023, it positions many Nevadans searching for insurance as …

Nov 30, 2022

Take these steps to get affordable coverage with Nevada Health Link

The word about the Open Enrollment Period has spread like wildfire and with Nevada Health Link, Nevadans have a total of 163 Qualified Health Plans to choose from (number of available plans vary …

Nov 22, 2022

Nevada Health Link launches first episode of LIVE series, featuring The Center 

October is National LGBT History Month and due to that Las Vegas celebrates Pride throughout the month. As visitors and locals alike come together to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, Nevada Health Link is …

Oct 28, 2022

Nevada Health Link is the only place where nearly 90 percent of Nevadans are saving on health insurance – Here’s how

More than 101,000 Nevadans secured health insurance during a record-breaking Open Enrollment Period last year. This month, new plan options and rates are now available from Nevada Health Link. Take time this month …

Oct 14, 2022
Hispanic Family

Hispanic Heritage Month: Overcoming the gap health disparities

¡Salud amigos y familia!  In Spanish, this can be read as “Cheers to friends and family!”, but the word salud also literally translates as “health”, and is often used in this phrase to …

Sep 26, 2022