Celebrating Women’s Wellness

May 30, 2024

Women’s Health Month is celebrated throughout the month of May and is a reminder that prioritizing women’s health is crucial to their well-being, addressing unique health challenges and promoting positive health practices, prevention and awareness for conditions that primarily affect women. In the spirit of this observation, Nevada Health Link is sitting down with North Las Vegas Ward 2 Councilwoman Ruth Garcia-Anderson as we discuss her journey with healthcare as well as various topics women should be paying attention to throughout the year to lead a long and healthy life. Tune in live on Nevada Health Link’s Facebook on Friday, May 31 at 10 a.m. PST.

National Women’s Health Month

May marks National Women’s Health Month, a time dedicated to celebrating and prioritizing women’s well-being. Throughout this month we focus on acknowledging and addressing the unique needs and hurdles involved in women’s health. It serves as an opportunity to advocate for initiatives aimed at nurturing women’s overall mental and physical wellness, emphasizing the importance of preventive care measures such as physicals, immunizations, and screenings. By fostering a welcoming, open dialogue on these subjects, we hope to destigmatize these matters and empower the women in our community to prioritize themselves.

Ruth’s Story

Ruth Garcia-Anderson’s journey with Nevada Health Link began in January 2021 after her family lost access to private medical coverage through her husband’s employment. As stress-induced symptoms began taking a toll on Ruth’s health, she knew it was time to seek quality care, and decided to enroll with Nevada Health Link. With hands-on assistance, Ruth was able to find a plan that fit both their budget and needs. Becoming a Nevada Health Link member empowered Ruth to prioritize her health, enabling her to regain her well-being and take care of her family. The program also provided invaluable support, assisting with enrollment and advising on covered services, granting Ruth and her family a sense of control over their lives and providing peace of mind through quality health insurance. Now, 3 years later, Ruth recognizes the significance of sharing her story with other women who may not prioritize self-care or mental health care, especially during National Women’s Health Month. She is committed to offering the same supportive environment that she once received to other women who may find themselves in similar circumstances. 

“Make your health a priority, as we can not take care of others if we are not well. Yearly checkups are great investments for our health and help us prevent health conditions or detect a health issue in its early stages,” she says.

Empowerment Through Better Care

By prioritizing self-care and accessing quality healthcare services, women facing health challenges can take control of their well-being and lead fulfilling lives. Ruth echoes this sentiment, saying, “When you face challenges, you need to do all you can to take care of yourself. Doing all you can means using the resources you have in your life to support you in whatever challenges you are facing. Let’s take care of ourselves and utilize the resources available to ensure we are feeling healthy, and happy and we can take care of those we love and need us.” In our upcoming Facebook Live event, we will discuss strategies for women to take care of and advocate for their health needs, including effectively navigating healthcare systems and prioritizing preventive care. Join us for an enlightening and inspiring conversation dedicated to the empowerment of women interacting with healthcare.