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PLAN YEAR 2022 TRAINING REGISTRATION HAS BEEN CLOSED. If you submitted an Intent to Sell form, check your email for the training link beginning September 1, 2021.

All agents, brokers, and enrollment facilitators that provide enrollment assistance are required to complete the Nevada Health Link certification training. Our robust curriculum is designed to help you better understand the policies and procedures of Nevada Health Link, (NVHL) and how to use the online application system to assist consumers.

ATTENTION: Due to limited space for training certifications, NVHL will not be inviting non-resident brokers to certify for Plan Year 2022 unless they have a current book of business through NVHL.

Nevada Health Link uses Trackstar (previously MindFlash), an online Learning Management System (LMS), for certification training and testing. Anyone who wishes to become certified with Nevada Health Link must create an account in the LMS system to complete the training.

Please note: It is the producer’s responsibility to make sure that they are appointed with all of the carriers offering Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) through Nevada Health Link.  Payment of commissions will be governed by the agreement between the broker/agent and the carrier.  All commissions will be payable by participating carriers and not by Nevada Health Link.

By opting-in with Nevada Health Link and providing your contact information, you will be listed in our broker directory. Consumers will be able to search by zip code or name. The tool will utilize a database of contact information for all licensed brokers who are listed.

Brokers and Agents can call Rebecca Lomazzo with the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange at 702-486-5264 or please send an email to

Will be invited to certify for PY2022:

  • Nevada resident brokers
  • Certified non-resident brokers with a NVHL active book of business

Will not be invited to certify for PY2022:

  • Non-resident brokers
  • Certified non-resident brokers without a NVHL active book of business