Health Coverage For Nevadans

During Exceptional Times

Nevada has faced a lot of challenges this year. If you’ve recently lost your job, or have experienced a Qualifying Life Event (QLE), you can enroll in a health plan through Nevada Health Link any time of year, even outside the open enrollment period (Nov. 1 – Jan. 15). Nevadans who have experienced life changes can make changes to their health insurance or enroll in a a new plan. This is known as a Special Enrollment period (SEP).

Individual & Family Scenarios

Learn about real life scenarios in Nevada and how much insurance may cost for plan year 2023.

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What are the Qualifying Life Events for a
Special Enrollment Period?

Getting Married or Divorced

Tying the knot? A change in marital status will qualify you for an SEP. However, a divorce or loss of a family member without any resulting change in coverage would not qualify you for an SEP.

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Moving to a different county or zip code? An unexpected relocation may qualify you for an SEP, but moving for reasons like vacations will not.

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Change in Income or Job Change

Pursuing new opportunities? If you’ve lost your coverage due to an employment change or if you’re starting a new job, you may qualify for an SEP.

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Birth or Adoption

Adding a new member to the family? If your household is changing size, you might be eligible for an SEP.

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Loss of Health Coverage

Change of plans? Losing your current health coverage, including: Employer, COBRA, Medicaid and Medicare may qualify you for an SEP.

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Turning 26

Turning 26? That means you might be losing coverage through your parent’s plan, but you may qualify for an SEP.

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Gaining U.S. Legal Status

Change of status? Becoming a U.S. citizen, gaining membership in a federally recognized tribe, leaving jail or prison or starting or ending AmeriCorps service may qualify you for an SEP.

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