Health Insurance Robocall Scams

Dec 14, 2018
Consumers need to be aware of health insurance robocall scams. Consumers shopping for qualified health plans should beware of telemarketers and websites advertising discount medical plans and short-term plans while falsely claiming they are compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Watch Nevada Health Link’s Janel Davis discuss the health insurance Robocall Scams in this short video.

These entities are reaching out to consumers via robocalls and luring them through websites with misleading website names that appear similar to legitimate websites. This can be confusing for anyone not familiar with the legitimate webpages. Nevada Health Link will never robocall you or ask for your personal information online.

“Consumers should only take these calls as reminders to shop for health insurance, but should never provide any information over the phone. There have been consumers who have fallen for this scam and have been left with thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills because of gaps in coverage,” said Insurance Commissioner Barbara Richardson. “Consumers who are purchasing health insurance should visit Nevada Health Link’s website.

While regulatory agencies have already started taking actions against these bait-and-switch schemes, Nevadans should protect themselves by learning how to identify limited benefit plans. The Division has posted information on the difference between ACA compliant plans, and other plans such as short-term plans and Health Sharing Ministries on their health insurance website at Consumers are encouraged to visit the website, which also lists all the companies in Nevada licensed to sell short-term plans and tips on how to shop for health insurance.

Consumers should also make sure that the individual, agency or company they are talking to is licensed with the Division of Insurance. To verify a license, consumers can visit the Division’s website at

The government will never email, call or text you regarding personal information. Never supply your social security number, credit card or bank account information to anyone online or over the phone. If you have any concerns or questions about health insurance plans, Nevada Health Link is your number one resource for health insurance education and enrollment. Prepare for Open Enrollment (deadline is Dec. 15 at midnight) by finding an in-person assister in your area today and check out this pre-enrollment checklist so you can be prepared before the enrollment process.