What is Nevada Open Enrollment (and Why Does it Matter to You)?

Oct 28, 2021
Open Enrollment. You may have heard the phrase but not know exactly what it means.

Open Enrollment is the yearly period in which people can enroll in a health insurance plan. This year, Nevada Open Enrollment runs from November 1 to January 15. It provides an opportunity for Nevadans to anonymously shop for and enroll in comprehensive and affordable health insurance coverage at NevadaHealthLink.com.

Here are some common Open Enrollment questions, answered:

What can Nevadans do during Open Enrollment?

Nevadans can shop, compare, and enroll in qualified health and dental plans on NevadaHealthLink.com throughout the Open Enrollment period. Nevadans will find 163 health insurance plans from seven carriers to choose from, as well as income-based plans priced for individuals. Tiered plans, from bronze to gold, are available for shoppers to compare.

How does Nevada Open Enrollment work?

You can start the process here and begin exploring available plans. Window shopping is already open, allowing Nevadans to research and compare plans. Once Nov. 1 arrives, Nevadans can select their health plan on Nevada Health Link and enroll. Nevada Health Link also offers free assistance from licensed enrollment professionals so that enrollees can ensure they are getting the best plan at the best price.

Who is eligible for Nevada Health Link coverage?

Nevadans who do not have insurance through their job and are not eligible for Medicaid and Medicare are all eligible for Nevada Health Link coverage. Nevada Health Link can be a particularly useful platform for gig workers and freelancers to find affordable coverage.

What premiums can Nevadans expect to see on Nevada Health Link?

Nevada Health Link offers deep savings on name-brand private insurance plans. Because Nevada Health Link is the state-based health exchange for Nevada, premium tax credits can be applied to the majority of health plans, resulting in significant monthly premium cost savings for Nevadans.

What happens after Open Enrollment?

If you enroll January 1 – 15 your coverage will begin February 1. Once enrollment is complete, insured Nevadans may begin taking advantage of the benefits of health insurance coverage. All health plans on Nevada Health Link include the 10 Essential Health Benefits.

Once Open Enrollment ends, can I still enroll in health insurance?

Once Jan. 15, 2024 passes, Open Enrollment will be closed. Once Open Enrollment ends, Nevadans will only be able to enroll in health insurance if they meet certain special enrollment requirements. This could include the birth of a child, the loss of a job, marriage, or other significant life event.