Brokers, Navigators, CECs: What you Need to Know

May 11, 2021

Brokers, Navigators, CECs: What you Need to Know

The American Rescue Plan has made more Nevadans eligible for health insurance savings. Brokers/Agents and certified navigators or enrollment assisters are key to assuring all eligible residents take advantage of these record low premiums.

Nevada Health Link is both the hub for direct-to-consumer insurance premiums and the information resource for brokers and navigators who can pass along American Rescue Plan savings to their clients or help insurance seekers find a plan designed for the medical and budgetary needs.

Here are some of the key things that insurance brokers and navigators should know about the American Rescue Plan premiums now available to Nevadans:

  • Unprecedented Access to Savings: Never before have more Nevadans qualified for insurance subsidies and savings. If you have clients who did not previously qualify for savings, make sure you double check Nevada Health Link (link to to determine eligibility. American Rescue Plan subsidies now extend to residents making more than 400% of the federal poverty level.
  • Deep Savings, Available Now: The American Rescue Plan savings are substantial. An estimated 13.2 million uninsured Americans are now eligible for tax credits worth over $570 per month, or up to $856 per month per household.
  • Rates as Low as $0 for Recently Unemployed: In some cases, The American Rescue Plan can eliminate premium payments altogether. For Nevadans who received unemployment income, also known as unemployment compensation, in 2021, $0 premiums may be available.
  • Cost Caps Assure Affordability: Nevada Health Link ensures that consumers eligible for premium tax credits have at least a couple of plans to choose from that won’t cost more than 8.5% of their household income. That’s guaranteed affordability customers can count on. This does not apply to those Nevada residents accessing employer-sponsored coverage.
  • Nevadans Enrolled in Off-Exchange Plans Can Save Through Nevada Health Link: An estimated 100,000 individuals enrolled in non-group coverage that is ACA-compliant can enroll through Nevada Health Link coverage and access savings under The American Rescue Plan.
  • A Special Enrollment Period is Open Now: Nevada Health Link is enrolling new customers and connecting existing customers with savings now. Because of The American Rescue Plan changes, special enrollment will be open until August 15. Log on now to view available savings.


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