Tips for Taking Care of Your Teeth

Dec 26, 2019

Enrolling in a Qualified Dental Plan in Nevada is the first step towards good dental health. After that, maintaining healthy teeth and gums are the best way to avoid costly extra trips to the dentist. Here are a few ways to safeguard your chompers.

Brush after eating.

Brush after breakfast and dinner with a soft toothbrush – hard brushes are harsh on your gums. Use a brush with a small head to be able to reach your back teeth.

Shield your pearlies.

Fluoride toothpaste helps to harden enamel and reduces your risk of tooth decay.

Floss daily.

Saw your floss up above your gum line to scrape away hidden plaque.

Cut back on acidic drinks.

Soft drinks, fruit juices and even carbonated waters soften tooth material and dissolve tooth enamel, causing cavities. The bacteria in plaque will change sugars into acids.

Get regular check-ups.

Visit a dentist in your network at least once a year for cleaning and inspection. Toothaches and bleeding gums will require additional attention.

Get peace of mind about your coverage.

Follow these steps to enroll in a Qualified Dental Plan on Nevada Health Link SBE Platform:

Step 1: Go to ‘My Dashboard’ and click the ‘Shop for Plans’ button.

Step 2: Ignore the “Hardship Exemption” step and click ‘Save and Continue’.

Step 3: Click on “Shop Dental Plans” tab, select the household members whom you want to enroll and click on ‘Shop Dental Plans’.

Step 4: Select the plan of your choice from the list and click ‘Add’.

Step 5: A pop-up box will appear. Click ‘Continue To Cart’, verify your plan purchase, and click ‘Sign Application’.

Step 6: Read the Enrollment Terms and Conditions, check the Exchange Agreement attestation box, provide e-signature, and click ‘Sign and Enroll’.

Step 7: Click the ‘Pay for Dental Insurance’ button. Congratulations, you have successfully enrolled in a Qualified Dental Plan on the Nevada Health Link SBE Platform.

There are two categories of Nevada Health Link dental plans: High and low.

  1. The high coverage level has higher premiums but lower co-payments and deductibles. So you’ll pay more every month, but less when you use dental services.
  2. The low coverage level has lower premiums but higher copayments and deductibles. So you’ll pay less every month, but more when you use dental services.

If you’re not currently enrolled in health insurance and want to enroll in Qualified Dental Plan, let us help you. Certain qualifying life events (QLE) may make you eligible for a special enrollment period. QLE’s are life-changing events such as job loss, income change, marriage/divorce and birth/adoption of a child to name a few. Nevada Health Link can connect contact a certified broker to see if you qualify for special enrollment.

If you have more questions about special enrollment periods, you can call the Nevada Health Link Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-547-2927 or email us at