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What is Nevada Health Link?

The Nevada Health Link website was created by the state agency, the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange to help you find an affordable health insurance plan that fits your needs and your budget. Through Nevada Health Link individuals can shop for, compare, and purchase qualified health insurance plans with tax credits or subsidies that are based on your income. Nevada Health Link connects individuals to a variety of insurance plans from different health insurance companies, as well as offers tools and resources to help you choose the plan that’s right for you. Nevada Health Link is the only health insurance resource that can provide you with federal tax credits and subsidies to help cover the cost of your insurance.

How does Nevada Health Link work? Is this Obamacare?

Nevada Health Link is powered by the technology platform, GetInsured, which is the state based exchange (SBE) platform where eligibility and enrollment takes place. All of the plans offered are still certified by Nevada Health Link, but enrollment will take place through Nevada Health Link is the only health insurance resource that can provide individuals with financial assistance (federal tax credits and subsidies) to help cover the cost of insurance. Plus, Nevada still provides its citizens with many ways to obtain in-person assistance throughout the State.

Nevada Health Link is supported by the state agency, Silver State Health Insurance Exchange and was established due to the Affordable Care Act, sometimes referred to as Obamacare.

Is Nevada Health Link

Yes! is Nevada Health Link’s online platform where Nevadans can shop, compare and enroll in Qualified Health Plans.

How do I become a Certified Enrollment Counselor, Navigator, Enrollment Facilitator, or CAC?

Certified Enrollment Counselors, which encompass: Exchange Enrollment Facilitators (EEFs), Navigators, Certified Application Counselors, and In Person Assisters will facilitate enrollment in qualified health plans offered by the Exchange. CECs, Navigators and EEFs are hired by entities that have been awarded grants by the Exchange.

The Exchange releases a Request for Application (RFA) to award Navigator and In Person Assisters in the beginning of each year. If you have interest in becoming a Navigator, you will need to respond to the RFA. If you’d like to become an Enrollment Assister, please contact our current entities HERE. If you have interest in serving as a Certified Enrollment Conselor, you will need to be certified by the Nevada Division of Insurance prior to becoming appointed with the Exchange.

Some questions you might hear

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How do I calculate my income?

When you fill out a health insurance application, you’ll need to estimate your expected income. Two important things to know:

  • Nevada Health Link savings are based on your expected household income for the year you want coverage, not last year’s income
  • Income is counted for you, your spouse, and everyone you’ll claim as a tax dependent on your federal tax return (if the dependents are required to file). Include their income even if they don’t need health coverage

Step 1. Start with your household’s adjusted gross income (AGI) from your most recent federal income tax return. You’ll find your AGI on line 7 of your last year’s IRS Form 1040.

Step 2. Add the following kinds of income, if you have any, to your AGI:

  • Tax-exempt foreign income
  • Tax-exempt Social Security benefits (including tier 1 railroad retirement benefits)
  • Tax-exempt interest

Don’t include Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


Step 3. Adjust your estimate for any changes you expect.

Consider things like these for all members of your household:

  • Expected raises
  • New jobs or other employment changes, including changes to work schedule or self-employment income
  • Changes to income from other sources, like Social Security or investments
  • Changes in your household, like gaining or losing dependents. Gaining or losing a dependent can have a big impact on your savings.

Update your Nevada Health Link application as soon as possible when your income or household members change during the year.

What are the options for my family if my employer offers me coverage?

The “Family Glitch” was a hole in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that affects low to moderate income families to not qualify for premium assistance on the health exchange. This is due to the rules that determine the “affordability” of employer offered health insurance.

The “family glitch” based eligibility for a family’s premium subsidies on whether available employer-sponsored insurance is affordable for the employee only, even if it’s not actually affordable for the whole family.

The family glitch fix is in effect as of 2023. So when families apply for coverage during the open enrollment period (November 1 – January 15), the new rules will be used to determine whether anyone in the household qualifies for a premium subsidy. If an employee must pay more than a predetermined affordability threshold of household income towards the premium for the lowest cost family plan offered by their employer, the plan is considered unaffordable, and the employee’s family members may therefore qualify for financial assistance for health coverage through Nevada Health Link. The affordability threshold for plan year 2024 is 8.39% and will be updated every year

Will people be able to enroll in government insurance programs through Nevada Health Link?

After a person has filled out application pre-screener on, we will be able to determine if that individual or a family member appears to be eligible for a government program, such as Nevada Check Up (CHIP) or Medicaid. If one person in the family qualifies for Medicaid, that person can be enrolled in Medicaid and the rest of the family will be able to enroll in a health insurance plan or plans through Nevada Health Link.

Will people be able to enroll in non-insurance government programs through Nevada Health Link?

No, Nevada Health link will not be able to pre-populate applications for non-insurance government programs such as SNAP or TANF; however, by applying through Access Nevada for Medicaid or Nevada Checkup, that system will also determine eligibility for SNAP and TANF.

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