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When the affordability regulations for employer-sponsored insurance coverage were passed, they did not take the cost of dependent coverage into account. If your spouse’s employer offers him/her minimum essential health insurance coverage that costs less than 9.5% of your annual household income, then the coverage is deemed affordable. If the employer also offers spousal coverage, then you would be ineligible for Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) or a subsidy on Nevada Health Link.

If your spouse’s employer does not offer spouse coverage then you could come to Nevada Health Link and apply for a subsidy. All large group plans are required to offer dependent coverage, so your children would be ineligible for Advanced Premium Tax Credit through Nevada Health Link. There may be cheaper plans available than the employer-provided dependent coverage, but the children will not qualify for a subsidy. If the employer’s plan did not offer dependent care then the children could get subsidized coverage through Nevada Health Link.

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