Ask the Expert: Transparency for Consumers

Oct 12, 2020

A Long-Standing Nevadan Insurance Agency

Carothers Insurance Agency, Your Insurance Agency, has been serving Nevadans for over 51 years. As President, Christopher Carothers tells it, “I didn’t intend to be in the insurance business, but my father asked me to help him grow the agency and keep the legacy alive.”

Transparency and Technology-forward Insurance Plans

Since purchasing the agency from his dad in 2018, Chris has not only carried on the legacy of operating a non-captive agency, he has worked hard to map and instill a plan that includes transparency and technology to ensure he can continue supporting Nevadans as the world around us evolves. He elaborates, “We are a community-centric agency serving Nevadans in many ways…from health and fitness outreach programs, to our boots-on-the-ground brokers out in the community educating consumers through seminars and event-based interactions.”

In addition to his own podcast, Coffee with Chris, Chris has upgraded his agency’s computers and developed a virtual office platform where consumers can easily initiate a live meeting with a broker with just one click.

Chris sums it up this way, “This is about serving Nevadans first and foremost, not chasing commissions.” His motto: To love and to serve; if you take care of those things, everything else aligns the way it should.

With more and more Nevadans finding themselves out of work and without health insurance during these times, it’s important to be aware and to be educated.

Health Insurance Tips You Should Know:

  • Watch out for internet “imposters” who pose as brokers and agents and offer products that aren’t even really for consumers, but appear on the surface to be just the coverage you need at just the right monthly price.
  • Working with a professional and enrolling in health insurance should bring you peace of mind, so don’t be afraid to ask the brokers questions to help you clearly understand the “what” and “why” behind the recommendations.
  • Don’t go it alone! It costs you nothing to engage the free assistance from a licensed broker or enrollment professional through Nevada Health Link. These experienced brokers and agents are dedicated to finding you the right plan at the best possible price.

Nevada Health Link’s Open Enrollment period for health insurance runs from November through January. You can preview and compare plans and check eligibility for financial assistance now. Call 1-800-547-2927 to get connected to a certified agent today.