Learn about your Continuous Coverage options during Medicaid redeterminations

Jun 14, 2022

You may need to shop for other insurance options, including a qualified health plan through Nevada Health Link. 

Nevadans that are currently insured by Nevada Medicaid may lose coverage during the redetermination process that will begin when the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) declaration ends. Medicaid redeterminations begin in April 2023 and will continue throughout 2024.

Nevada Health Link and Nevada Medicaid are working together to ensure all Nevadans have access to health insurance in the state.

Report all life changes and keep contact info updated

You will need to update your contact information with the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS), Nevada Medicaid office. People may lose coverage during Medicaid redeterminations because their contact information is not up to date, and they cannot receive important notices. They may also no longer be eligible due to changes in income or other reasons and need to transition to other insurance. 

There are four ways to update your information:

1. Fill out the Update My Address online form: https://dhcfp.nv.gov/UpdateMyAddress/

2. Visit a Medicaid Program Office

3. Complete this form and send to welfare@dwss.nv.gov 

4. Call: 1-800-992-0900

Stay in the Loop

Visit NV Medicaid App to receive new messages, and sign up for Medicaid Member News directly from Nevada Medicaid here

Be on the lookout for scams.

Nevada Health Link is the state-based online health insurance marketplace where you can find qualified health plans that meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act. Other companies may target you and we encourage you to look to Nevada Health Link or your health insurance plan for the most up-to-date information before the PHE end date.

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