The Stories Behind Each Health Plan

Jun 23, 2021
The Stories Behind Each Health Plan

Behind every health plan is a story waiting to be told. Sometimes it is health insurance savings that make a huge difference in families’ lives, allowing them to pay their bills, save for college or get ahead. Other times it is health coverage that makes a medical emergency manageable. There are even stories of Nevada Health Link employees going above and beyond to connect Nevadans to the right health plan.

This is the reason Nevada Health Link exists — to deliver quality health insurance at affordable prices to the Nevadans who need the peace of mind, preventative healthcare, and monthly savings that Nevada Health Link provides.

But to hear the Nevada Health Link customers say it themselves makes it real.

That’s why we collected some of these stories from customers who have recently signed up for health insurance plans or health insurance savings through Nevada Health Link. Read on to see how Nevada Health Link made a difference in each of their lives.

We asked each person:

Why is it important to you to tell your Nevada Health Link story?

Here’s what they said.

My entire life I’ve been stuck in the middle/upper-class conundrum of not qualifying for any assistance yet not making quite enough to be able to get ahead. Thanks to the American Rescue Act, I’m saving $1,200 per month. Our family will finally be able to get out of debt and start saving and planning for the future. ~ Cambria

Because your employees are excellent. ~ Billy

Taking care of my mental health can be costly, but with the new bill that has passed, I am able to afford these services at a reduced out-of-pocket cost. ~ Jacqueline

I deeply appreciated the plan that helps us to have better health insurance with less cost, and could save our life because a health issue can take place just unexpectedly and all of a sudden. ~ Ryoko

Because I think it is important to have affordable health insurance.  ~ Katiuska

Chaqula Kallo took the initiative to contact us and create much needed health coverage for us. Chaqula guided us every step of the way through the process of obtaining these benefits. Chaqula went above and beyond our expectations in assisting us in our time of need. A true professional in every way, a true asset to her profession, and a true and genuine person. ~ Grace

As more Nevadans sign up, more stories are pouring in. Combined they paint a picture of an entire state benefitting from increased access to great health coverage at reduced prices. At Nevada Health Link, these are the stories that matter. We’re proud to tell them. And we’re proud to be a part of making them a reality.