Why Men Are Less Likely to Enroll for Health Insurance

Jul 3, 2018
Life is unpredictable. With nearly 90 percent of Americans having some form of health insurance, it can be inferred that health insurance is a key tool for facing life’s unknowns with confidence. However, even with the seemingly obvious benefits of having insurance—access to care, financial assistance and protection in the event of a medical emergency—some men in the U.S. still fail to enroll in a health insurance plan.  

On average, men are likely to live shorter lives than women. This unfortunate fact makes sense when research has shown that women are 33 percent more likely to visit a doctor than men and are 100 percent better at maintaining screenings and preventive care. So, what are the factors that keep men from obtaining health insurance?

According to The Good Men Project, the leading factor that has led men to undervalue or not enroll for health insurance, is societal pressure to appear “masculine.” Glenn Good, a professor at the University of Florida and expert on masculinity and the psychology of men, explains that men feel uncomfortable consulting with a physician on topics that they know less about. Combined with the fact that men feel like they don’t have enough time to visit the doctor, enrolling for health insurance is low on their priority list.

Nevertheless, the cost of not having health insurance is oftentimes too high and it’s important for men to understand how health insurance can better their lives—even if they feel like they are healthy enough.

A man’s chances for cardiovascular disease, prostate or testicular cancer increases with age. In fact, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Nonetheless, threats like these can be managed or possibly even prevented by utilizing the 10 Essential Benefits that health insurance coverage provides.  

Despite societal pressures and busy schedules, men can increase their chances of staying healthy by staying up to date with exams and screenings regularly.

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