Benefits of Leaning on a Broker or Navigator to Find Health Insurance in Nevada

Dec 20, 2022

Working with a certified broker or navigator through can be valuable to your health insurance search, as our team contains a statewide network of licensed enrollment professionals who have been trained to assist you with the application and enrollment process. 

Enrolling in a healthcare plan can be confusing but our certified enrollment assisters make it easy for you by simplifying the process. They can help you find the right plan designed for your medical needs and budget.

Whether you’re seeking coverage for yourself or your family, using free assistance through can save you time and money. Here’s why you should lean on a licensed professional for insurance support: 

  • They provide quick access to support and can assist with payments, coverage eligibility, access to care and other issues—which you can’t get on a website.
  • They can explain the pros and cons of different benefits packages and offer personalized advice to help people select the best affordable plan. 
  • They can help decipher healthcare coverage terms and help you make sense of your available options, including long-term care. 
  • They are bilingual. There is a searchable database of Spanish-speaking Brokers and Navigators associated only with Nevada Health Link. 
  • If you need assistance in a language besides English or Spanish, use the look-up tool to select your preferred language or call 800-547-2927.

Agent, Broker, Counselor – What’s the difference? Which one is best for me?

When you access our Find Assistance Tool, you will be presented with two options: “Find a Nevada Certified Agent or Broker Near You” OR “Find a Nevada Certified Counselor Near You”. 

No matter what option you choose, you will be safe in knowing that they have been trained and certified by Nevada Health Link and are licensed by the Nevada Division of Insurance. And always provide assistance free of charge.

These enrollment professionals know the ins and outs of all Qualified Health Plans on Nevada Health Link, which is the only place to find these plans that cover the 10 essential health benefits to help protect you from high, unexpected medical costs.

Brokers and agents act independently, and they can make specific recommendations about which plan you should buy based upon your individual circumstances. There are brokers and agents throughout the state, both cities and rural areas, who can help get you into the right plan. You can search for one by location or name here. Nevada Health Link’s Broker Grantee program works with a team of preferred brokers across multiple locations so you can easily find enrollment assistance in person, for free. 
Certified Enrollment Counselors, also known as Navigators, are teams of individuals in your community such as non-profit groups and hospitals that can help enroll you in insurance. These trained and certified CECs are primarily responsible for outreach, education, and enrollment for Nevada’s uninsured/under-insured, and can also answer enrollment questions. Unlike Agents or Brokers, navigators are not employed by private insurance brokers and have no direct affiliation with insurance carriers. They are able to answer enrollment questions and give unbiased explanations of the affordable health insurance plans offered through Nevada Health Link.

Available in multiple languages

You can speak with a broker, agent, and/or a CEC in Spanish on the new searchable database here. Consumers just enter their zip code into the search, and they will be shown a list of Spanish-speaking brokers and navigators near them.If you need assistance in a language besides English or Spanish, use the look-up tool to select your preferred language or call 800-547-2927.

No unsolicited calls

Nevada Health Link’s 700 qualified brokers and 7 navigator entities will never call you unsolicited. You know your broker or navigator and will only be contacted by someone who you have selected to work with.

If someone is calling you and hounding you for information claiming to be a broker, hang up immediately and verify that an individual is certified by Nevada Health Link by calling 800-547-2927, Monday through Sunday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.