Back to School Nutrition—Lunch and Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Eat

Jul 26, 2016
Another summer is in the books with kids rushing around the house frantically getting ready so they don’t miss the school bus. Rushing to get the bus usually means they forgot the lunch you packed for them, leading to eye rolls and an extra car ride to school. Nutrition for growing children is very important and a little bit of planning and creativity can help make school lunch and snack time for your kids easy and delicious. Here are lunch and snack ideas your kids will eat.

When putting together children’s lunches, make sure you have a protein, some fruit, a veggie and a small treat that gets them through the veggie part. This helps touch all the major food groups a growing child needs while at school.

Prep Tips:

  • Pack lunches the night before leaving more time in the morning to prepare a healthy breakfast
  • Designate snack areas in the pantry and refrigerator for easy lunch packing and for the kids to grab when they are home from school
  • Chop veggies when you have some spare time
  • Always plan and have a shopping list

Quick Lunch Ideas:

  • A wrap instead of a sandwich spices things up. Fill it up with grilled chicken and other vegetables drizzling it with a low-fat dressing
  • A fish shaped tuna sandwich with lettuce on whole wheat bread with some veggies and whole wheat gold fish crackers
  • Skip the sodium-packed Lunchables and make your own. Add a handful of crackers with some string cheese, veggies, blueberries and a slice of banana bread

Sides to Snack On:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Applesauce with no added sugar
  • Nuts such as almonds or peanuts
  • Cheese sticks are always a favorite!
  • Veggies such as carrots, celery or jicama sticks
  • For a treat, once in a while, homemade cookies are a nice surprise

For more school lunches and snack ideas, try these easy brown bag lunch ideas.

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