The Six Most Important Doctor Appointments You’ll Set This Year

Feb 8, 2017
One of the secrets to living a long, healthy life is taking a proactive approach to health care. If you can resolve a problem before it rears its head, not only will you save yourself time and money, but you’ll protect yourself against even more serious health complications. And the easiest way to take control of your health is to visit your doctor regularly. In fact, here are the six most important doctor appointments you should set.

Most Important Doctor Appointments

  1. A Wellness Checkup or Physical

 Getting a physical checkup at least once a year is a great way to make sure you’re healthy. If possible, going several times throughout the year is even better. These wellness checkups provide you with an opportunity to ask your doctor questions, while also giving your doctor a chance to monitor any serious medical issues that could arise.

  1. Eye Exam

It’s remarkable how quick we are to buy expensive, high-definition televisions while never giving a second thought to improving the “resolution” of our eyes. While someone who has no history of vision problems and 20/20 eyesight can probably go two years without an appointment, if you wear corrective lenses, have a known eye problem or have a history of diabetes and high blood pressure, yearly examinations are recommended. These appointments ensure that you have the most up-to-date prescription and can curb further vision loss or impairment in some cases.

  1. Dentist Appointment

It doesn’t sound intuitive, but dental health affects more than you think. For kids, being able to comfortably chew and eat your food is critical to early development. Even for adults, taking care of your pearly whites can save you a lot of pain and cash in the long run. Scheduling at least two teeth cleanings a year is recommended.

  1. Flu Shot

Most people think of the flu as just a “bad cold,” but for the young, the elderly or those with weakened immune systems, it can be fatal. The flu vaccine is recommended for anyone over the age of six months, and it typically offers protection from 90% of flu strains. Getting an annual flu shot is highly advised, as it will not only protect you from the flu but also all those around you.

  1. Skin Exam

One of the most common and least dangerous forms of cancer is melanoma. If caught early enough, skin cancer is actually 100% curable. That alone is enough of a reason to schedule regular skin exams. While most sunburns or moles won’t lead to skin cancer, you should never hesitate to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to check up on a skin abnormality.

  1. Mammogram

The fight against breast cancer is one that we can win, as long as we make it known what steps need to be taken to catch breast cancer early. While you should regularly check your breasts for abnormal lumps (even men should check periodically), scheduling a clinical breast exam is extremely important.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of all doctor appointments you could set this year, this list is a good starting point to make sure you stay healthy longer. Plus, most of these preventative health costs are covered with even the most basic of plans through Nevada Health Link. So don’t wait. Take control of your health and contact your doctor today.

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