Navigator Organizations

Navigator organizations are responsible for outreach, education and enrollment for Nevada’s uninsured and under-insured populations. They present to these populations the options available to them through Nevada Health Link. They educate people on program eligibility, methods of purchase, reasons to purchase, definitions of health insurance terms, access to enrollment localities, among other topics. They also are able to answer enrollment questions and give unbiased explanations of the plans offered on

Enrollment Assisters

Enrollment assisters work for Navigator organizations and are responsible for enrollment of Nevada’s uninsured and under-insured individuals and families. They will provide these populations with information regarding program eligibility, methods of purchase and definitions of insurance terms. They will answer enrollment questions and give people unbiased explanations of the plans offered through

Certified Application Counselors (CACs)

CACs help individuals enroll in Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) through (powered by in 2015). They provide information about insurance affordability programs and coverage options, assist individuals and employees in applying for coverage, and help facilitate the enrollment of eligible individuals in QHPs and insurance affordability programs.

In Person Assisters (IPAs)

IPA organizations are private entities that have been trained by Nevada Health Link and certified by the Nevada Division of Insurance to provide outreach and education to Nevada’s communities regarding Nevada Health Link. They are responsible for outreach and education for Nevada’s uninsured and underinsured populations. They will educate people on a variety of topics, including program eligibility, how and why to purchase, and health insurance terms.  IPA’s have the same roles and responsibilities as Navigators except that they will not be actively enrolling consumers.  The IPA focus will be on outreach and education into under reached populations, which include, but are not limited to Hispanic, rural, the self employed, Tribal, and young millennials.


State of Nevada

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