Ask the Expert: Uninsured? Don’t Risk It.

Sep 25, 2020

You’re uninsured. But, hey, you’re young, you’re healthy, you’re in the peak of life – so it’s ok, right? You may feel that choosing to fund an epic night out instead of paying a monthly health insurance premium is a no-brainer… but you might want to think again.

Did you know that men and women aged 25 – 44 account for a whopping 28.8% of deaths from preventable injury-related incidents each year? That’s more than 1 in 5 – more than enough to take seriously. If that’s not enough, the total estimated medical cost for individuals aged 25 – 49 who are hospitalized due to an unintentional accident is over $16 billion dollars. For Nevadans, those numbers aren’t worth gambling on.

Recently, it seems more millennials are giving health insurance further consideration. “We’re seeing more people in their twenties and thirties getting covered than we did before,” says Brian Douglas, CEO and Broker of Protect Health Insurance Agency. The before Brian references is before COVID. “Some younger people are seeing their friends get sick or maybe they’re going through it themselves and they’re regretful that they aren’t insured. When they see the reality, it hits home for them.”

What many Nevadans don’t realize is that there’s still a good chance they can find affordable health coverage even if they’ve been laid off of work. Nevada Health Link is the only place where Nevadans can qualify for financial assistance to help pay their monthly insurance premiums – some enrollees get full health insurance coverage and pay $0 out of pocket for their insurance premium each month!

“Yeah, but insurance is confusing and it’s a hassle to sign up…”

Ok, you’ve got a point, insurance is confusing, but you don’t have to go it alone. “These days, everything is done through technology, but there are still some things people need assistance with, like signing up for an insurance plan. It’s really ok to talk to someone because we can help,” Douglas adds.

So, if you are uninsured, take the next step and research your options. Talk to your peers, talk to your parents – ask them if they think you should have health insurance coverage. The facts are the facts: illness and accidents can happen to anyone, anytime. Like Brian says, “You’re only healthy, until you’re not.”

Open Enrollment run November 1 through January 15. If you’re ready to get enrolled in coverage, call or email one of our certified enrollment assisters today so we can help get all of your health insurance questions answered.

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