How to champion for Nevada’s public health and diverse communities this month

Apr 4, 2022

Spring is a time to flourish, and there’s no better time to put health and wellness front and center. 

That’s why Nevada Health Link is honoring National Public Health Week and National Minority Health Month to recognize the importance of local health equity, and continue raising awareness about health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minority populations. 

What is health equity and why is it important? 

Health equity examines differences in quality of life and healthcare across different populations. People without insurance coverage have less access to preventative services which may lead to a greater risk of developing preventable life-threatening illnesses. Offering equitable health care leads to more efficient healthcare systems overall, a healthier population requires less medical care.

What should I know about these observances? 

National Public Health Week happens the first week of April. That’s seven days of channeling the power of a community for the greater good!

Launched in 1955, the initiative promotes everyone to encourage one another and lead healthier lives—no matter where they live, work, or come from. 

This year’s theme for the April 4-10 celebration is Public Health Is Where You Are. Each day will have its own topic to showcase the ways public health crosses lives and communities. Monday will focus on racism; Tuesday, the public health workforce; Wednesday, community; Thursday, World Health Day; Friday, accessibility; Saturday, climate change equity; and Sunday, mental wellness. 

National Minority Health Month focuses more on raising awareness about health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minority groups. The 2022 theme is Give Your Community a Boost!; according to the HHS Office of Minority Health, both COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters are some of the strongest tools we have to end the pandemic that has disproportionately affected communities of color.

How can I participate? 

All communities across Nevada can enhance and sustain diversity, and inclusion, across the public health workforce by tapping into our pipeline of minority populations. The more Nevadans that are insured, especially within minority communities, helps uplift the state population as a whole. Nevada Health Link provides a plethora of resources about qualifying life events and enrollment opportunities through our Toolkits

Check out some of the events that are happening in Nevada for National Public Health Week and National Minority Health Month—and campaign for health policies that are fair, inclusive, and accessible to all communities in the United States.

Community Events and Resources