Get Covered & Feel Some Peace of Mind This Enrollment Season

Oct 20, 2016
The Nevada Health Link open enrollment period opens November 1 – January 15. That gives you just three months to get covered for the next year. While that might sound overwhelming, you can find all the information you need at Nevada Health Link. Not to mention, we have everything in place so you can find the perfect plan for the perfect price. So don’t wait—get covered as soon as the enrollment window opens November 1.

Get Covered

The first step to getting coverage is using our window shopping tool. After entering some basic information about yourself, your family and your income, you’ll be able to see what benefits and plans you qualify for. From there, we will direct you to one of several insurance brokers and licensed enrollment professionals where you can get in person assistance to help find a specific plan for your specific situation.

For current enrollees, we recommend to shop the marketplace each year as the market is ever changing. If your plan is no longer available, you will be automatically enrolled in a comparable plan.

If you have more questions regarding enrollment, you can use our in-person assistance tool to find licensed brokers and agents and navigators who can walk you through the entire application and enrollment process at no cost. Alternatively, or if you need immediate assistance, you can email Nevada Health Link directly at

Remember, taking care of your health today will make a big difference for you in the future, and give you some peace of mind. Get started by seeing if you qualify through our marketplace calculator, and get enrolled as soon as the window opens November 1, 2016.