Ask the Expert: Health Insurance is Personal

Dec 4, 2020

Understanding the community means understanding you.

Insurance really is personal. Not just because it’s an individual choice or because you have to share personal information to enroll, but also because it requires us to stop and take a look at things like our current health, our beliefs and our desire to collaborate with someone who “gets us.”

Throughout the state of Nevada, there are many great insurance agencies and brokers/agents committed to finding the best possible plan for each individual or family situation. One such brokerage agency is Nevada Silver Life and Health Agency. Owner John Collier used to teach insurance education, and believes that understanding what is behind the curtain puts his customers at ease. After over 30 years in business, that philosophy has helped his agency flourish and become a resource for the community. Partner Gina Aguerre says, “We work hard to lay a foundation of trust throughout the community. Our community, much like the state of Nevada, is represented by many different cultures, ethnicities and age groups. We also see a lot of folks moving from other states. We’re here to help get them insured, of course, but to also make sure they understand what they’re enrolling in and why.”

Nevada’s growth and economy over the last decade has seen some pretty interesting twists and turns, and 2020 has proven to be one of the most challenging yet – our moniker isn’t “Battle Born” for nothing!

Here are some interesting state stats:

  1. Nevada’s population grew by 14% over the last decade, making it the sixth highest growth state nationwide.
  2. Nevada’s population is over 3.1 million people.
  3. 88% of the state’s entire population resides in Clark and Washoe counties.
  4. The people of Nevada represent a true melting pot of race and ethnicities, including:
    1. Caucasian
    2. Latino/Hispanic
    3. African American
    4. Asian American
    5. American Indian/Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

Open Enrollment for 2021 health insurance runs through January 15th. If you’re a Nevadan in need of access to quality health, dental or vision coverage that are competitively priced and offer comprehensive benefits, and cover pre-existing conditions, you can find choices and answers at

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