Mental Health Resources for Minorities

Feb 10, 2021

While mental health awareness has been increasing in our country, the self-care and treatment required for mental illnesses has not been fully realized. The available resources can be difficult to find, but most especially for minorities.

Racial and ethnic minority groups currently account for one-third of the American population. Minorities in the United States are just as likely as non-minorities to experience mental health disorders. But they are far less likely to receive treatment.

Unfortunately, these minority groups are more likely to experience poverty, making the attainability of adequate healthcare more difficult. This could result in a lack of the health insurance needed to lower the cost of treating mental illness.

Other factors that create barriers to receiving mental health care include language, mental health stigma within the minority communities, religion-based biases, distrust in the healthcare system, lack of diversity among mental health providers and lack of cultural competency among providers.

While the disparities between minorities and non-minorities often seem great, resources are available for diverse populations. Whether it’s visiting a website or calling a hotline, there are ways to receive help and treatment, 24/7.

Local Resources in Nevada:

Nationwide Resources:

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