Correcting Five Common Misconceptions About Nevada Health Link

Aug 17, 2021
Nevada Health Link is on a mission to make health insurance more accessible to Nevadans statewide. Let us help you navigate the health insurance world in our state by showing you how it works at Nevada Health Link.

At Nevada Health Link, we know how busy everyday lives become, and how no one wants to wade into the complex world of health insurance after a long day. So, we’re here to demystify Nevada Health Link for you. We’ll try to make it easy. In fact, that’s our job.

So here, in five bullets, are some important things you may not know about Nevada Health Link. Some of it might surprise you. But we hope, in the end, it inspires you to explore the most affordable health insurance options on the market at Nevada Health Link.

1. Nevada Health Link offers private insurance, not government coverage

Nevada Health Link does not offer government health insurance. This is one of the most common misconceptions about the Exchange. Instead, Nevada Health Link offers high-quality, private health insurance plans at reduced prices through the application of tax credits. These are health insurance plans from well-known private health insurance carriers. In fact, they are plans you can find on the Exchange through the online health insurance marketplace or off the Exchange — you might just pay more for these insurance plans if you are not shopping on Nevada Health Link – because Nevada Health Link is the only place where you can get access to subsidies that help lower your monthly premium costs.

2. Multiple health carriers and plans are available

Nevada Health Link enrollees will not find themselves pushed into a single insurance plan option based on income or location. Multiple plans are available from multiple carriers. Companies like Anthem, Friday, Health Plan of Nevada (a UnitedHealthcare Company), and Ambetter (from Silversummit Healthplans) are all available on Nevada Health Link. Bronze, Silver and Gold plans offering different coverage and pricing levels. This puts enrollees in control of choosing what plan they want and finding a plan at the price they can afford.

3. Enrollees can shop, compare and save

Nevada Health Link makes it easy to shop, compare plans and choose between savings. After inputting basic information at, a click of the button brings up a wide range of insurance choices. Enrollees can look at different carriers, prices, coverage levels and deductibles. It’s easy to compare plans and select the plan that fits your needs. It’s kind of like shopping on Amazon or for private health insurance, expect here prices are transparent and easy to compare, and premiums are affordable.

4. Savings are available for a variety of income groups

Nevada Health Link is open to wide range of income groups. In fact, the American Rescue Plan has opened up reduced premiums to more Nevadans than ever before. Even if you make up to 400 percent over the Federal Poverty Level you can still qualify for savings at Nevada Health Link. Different income groups qualify for different savings amounts.

5. Nevada Health Link is the only place to collect premium savings (advanced premium tax credits)

If you are looking for the most affordable health insurance in Nevada, Nevada Health Link is the place. For Nevadans who qualify for subsidized health insurance premiums, Nevada Health Link offers the most affordable plans in the state. No other insurance marketplaces offer the same savings found through Nevada Health Link. In a review of average savings by county, Nevada Health Link found that the top county for savings in Nevada, Eureka County, averages $321.92 per month savings per enrollee under the American Rescue Plan. That equals yearly savings of $3,863.04. Other counties average lower, but still significant savings. Lander County’s average savings were over $200 per month. Multiple counties averaged over $100 per person per month. And even the most populous counties in the state, Clark and Washoe County, averaged savings of over $65 and $55 per month per enrollee respectively.

We hope this information is useful, and better explains the role that Nevada Health Link plays in the health insurance marketplace. We’re proud to make health insurance accessible to more Nevadans than ever before, by simplifying the insurance enrollment process and delivering the best health insurance savings in the state.