Need help with logging in or completing your application? We’ve got your back!

Dec 13, 2022

Whether you’re new to Nevada Health Link or have been with us a long time, it’s normal to feel scrambled during the Open Enrollment Period as there are many steps and parts, especially on a timeline. 

Since our plans are made for your plans, we also believe the enrollment process should be done the way that’s easiest for you. We have guidance offered over the phone or through live chat, or downloadable resources for those who want to walk through the process independently (our free “How to Enroll” kit), will help you step-by-step, as well as a checklist to keep track of what information you’ll need to complete it). We also have free enrollment assistance from a network of licensed professionals that help make the process easier and faster and we encourage you to look at those options.
Either way, we’re here to help. Before we begin, bookmark this link; not only will it be a quicker way for you to access your account, but we’ll be exploring many of these options featured in this blog that are located in the Help & Support drop-down menu on the top, right-hand corner.

Forgot your password? No problem

With all of the requirements to include funky letters and number variations, it’s understandable to forget passwords easily. Nevada Health Link always has your back; just click “Forgot password?” and type in your email address. We’ll send you the next steps of verification from there. 

Tip: Save time by checking “Remember Me”. If you’re accessing your Nevada Health Link account on your own computer at home, check the “Remember Me” box on the login page to save time typing in your password. 
Your information with Nevada Health Link is confidential—never check “Remember Me” on a public desktop or on a computer that is not yours for your own security.

Or, give us a call—sit back and we’ll do it for you!

From now until January 15, the call center will be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, excluding holidays, at 1-800-547-2927.

Enrolling in health insurance has never been easier! Our customer service representatives will help in any way from password resets to helping with the application process, and answering your questions.

Or, if you are looking for even more in-depth assistance, get free enrollment assistance from a certified enrollment assister. All of our certified professional assisters can also accommodate multiple languages. You can learn more about them here before you begin or get in touch with an assister in your area.
In Help & Support: Click “Find Local Assistance”.

Not a phone person? Pop in the chatroom!

You can also chat with one of our customer service representatives. All you have to do is fill out information about your household income and click Help & Support on the top right hand corner of the site, and click “Chat”. Next, you would fill out a short form covering basic details such as your Name, Email, and Phone Number, along with a brief description of your questions or what you need help with. That way, we will be able to assemble resources for the answers you’re seeking, as we walk you through the enrollment process. 
In Help & Support: Click “Chat”.

Help offered in Spanish and more languages

With more than 130 languages, Nevada Health Link ensures that everyone can explore the best plans for individuals, families, and generations that live in the Silver State from all over the world. We’ve made it easy to navigate our homepage, where you can select a language at the top right hand corner.  

Nevada Health Link also offers the enrollment application in Spanish. Enrollment assistance is also available in multiple languages over the phone as well.

In Help & Support: Click “Español”

Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time to select a great, affordable health plan through the Open Enrollment Period but the sooner you’re enrolled, the quicker you’ll reap from the benefits:

  • If you enroll by December 31, your health insurance coverage will be effective January 1, 2023.
  • If you enroll between January 1 and January 15, 2023; your coverage will be effective February 1, 2023.