Ask the Expert: Better Health for Nevadans

Oct 20, 2020

Health Insurance Helps Keep Nevadans Healthy

From cooking and experimenting with new foods, to finding different ways to incorporate a new exercise regime, more Nevadans are making their health a priority.

A key factor to staying healthy is having health insurance. “People seem to be more open to the idea of health insurance. We’re getting more calls than before,” says Alberto Ochoa, CEO/President of Smart Buy Insurance, Inc. “It seems like more people are in tune with being fit – health is the new wealth.”

More Health Insurance Options with Nevada Health Link

With Open Enrollment just around the corner, Nevada Health Link has more carriers, more plans and more options than before. You can window shop to discover health, dental and even vision plans in an array of choices to align with your needs and your budget. You can also see if you’re eligible for financial assistance in the form of tax credits to help cover the cost of your monthly insurance premiums – 4 out of 5 enrollees qualify for assistance through Nevada Health Link. All health plans through Nevada Health Link cover the 10 Essential Health Benefits, which include preventative services, pre-existing conditions coverage, and behavioral health (to name a few). Says Ochoa, “You’ll always have the safety net of Preventative Services, no matter what plan you choose.”

5 Tips to Stay Healthy this Fall

To help you get started fine tuning your regime, here are some recent tips from CNN health for staying healthy this fall:

  1. Find your social distancing crew and stick with it.
  2. Have a plan to take care of your mental health.
  3. Determine your risk of COVID-19 infection.
  4. Know that socializing outside is safer, but not always safe.
  5. If you visit friends or family, do it wisely.

If your homage to better health has you heading down a new foodie path, check out this ranking of the best food and cooking blogs to get your chef-inspired initiative off the ground. Alas, food isn’t the only way to kickstart your path to improved health, so is exercise. While exercise is important, it can be fun too. Learn about the many ways you can tone and tighten without even realizing it.

Getting insured and staying healthy go hand-in-hand so get going today! Open enrollment is from November 1 – January 15. Call 1-800-547-2927 to speak with a certified agent and get all of your health insurance questions answered.