February is National Heart Month

Feb 5, 2018
This February, get a head start on your health by taking part in National Heart Month. Millions of Americans live with either heart disease, stroke or another cardiovascular condition. On average, someone dies of cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds in the United States. Maintaining a healthy heart is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy this year.



Eat Smart

We all know that a healthy diet is key to maintaining your health. Did you know, though, that a healthy diet still needs key nutrients like fat? The American Heart Association recommends replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats, like avocado, salmon and olive oil, lower bad cholesterol and rates of cardiovascular disease. If you don’t have an option, limit your saturated fat intake such as butter and heavy cream. However, lose any artificial trans-fat, hydrogenated oils and tropical oils. Yes—that includes coconut oil.


Add Color

An easy step to lowering your heart’s age is to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can swap out french fries for sweet potatoes or sneak vegetables into any casserole that you make. Look to see what fruits or vegetables are in season right now in Nevada to get the most out of your produce. Whether you eat fresh or frozen, add some color to your plate tonight.


Move More

One of the easiest ways to move more is to start walking. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, you’ll eventually work your way up to a higher endurance that will let you walk longer. During the day, make small energetic decisions like taking the stairs or walking to work to get moving more.


Be Well

Your physical health isn’t the only thing that affects your heart. Getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness, managing stress and connecting socially all play a part in your health. Make sure you’re getting at least seven hours of sleep a night and decrease the amount of stress you have in your life.

Having a healthy heart usually means leading a healthy life. Make small changes this month to decrease your cholesterol and lower your heart’s age. Schedule a checkup with your doctor to make sure your ticker is working right. If you’re not currently enrolled in health insurance, it’s time to get covered. Certain qualifying life events (QLE) may make you eligible for a special enrollment period. QLE’s are life-changing events such as job loss, income change, marriage/divorce and birth/adoption of a child to name a few. Nevada Health Link can connect contact a certified broker or navigator to see if you qualify for special enrollment. Email us at CustomerserviceNVHL@exchange.nv.gov for any additional questions you may have concerning affordable health insurance and start your enrollment process today.

Get insured today. Your heart—and your waistline—will thank you.